Hunters Helping Kids is a 501c non-profit organization that was established in 2005.

However, its beginning was prior to 2005 when Chris Hatley and several of his friends started taking kids hunting. This was done on a local basis around their homes in North Carolina. Noticing the effect thi had on the kids that were involved in the hunts, Chris and his Friends began trying to find ways to do it bigger and better. After trying several different avenues, Hunters Helping Kids evolved. The plan at the time was to to do a Ultimate Kids Hunt for ten kids. Five boys and five girls. The problem was determining how to get the information and applications out to all kids. During the first year, this was done any way possible. In 2005, three boys and three girls were located for the hunt and was a huge succes!! Each hunter was provided with food and lodging for each and their respective family. They also received a rifle, camo clothing, boots and other assorted hunting merchandise and it is theirs to keep. This still takes place today! The following year, HHK had developed a few local chapters and started doing fundraising banquets as a way to fund and improve the ab ility to take kids hunting. From 2005 to 2006 the number of Ultimate Kids hunters went from 6 to 11 and more than 100 kids were taken hunting. We now have chapters as far north as New York and as far southwest as Texas and all points between. The number of kids that have been exposed to the great outdoors by Hunters Helping Kids nationally has exceeded 1500. This also includes some very special kids with various special needs. Our goal is very simple, we want to make hunting possible for any kid that has a desire to hunt but doesn't have the place or means to do so. How can you help?? We are always looking for places to take kids hunting. HHK is a volunteer organization that totally depends on great people with the desire to continue the heritage of hunting, fishing, and trapping and to pass it along with proper knowledge and safety to our future. Our funding to do these great things comes from corporate, individual and other donations. Our main source is from fundraising banquets held throughout the year all across this great Nation. This is done by conservation groups with one huge difference. When the local banquet is complete the chapter keeps 50% of the net profit. That means that half of all monies after the expenses are paid, stay right ther in the community. We encourage that the monies are spent on hunting, fishing, or trapping but can be used in anyway as long as it involves kids. To form a chapter or obtain more information about this great organization,please contact our office at 704-575-5045.

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