We welcome applications from physically challenged kids.

The Entry Participants Must:

1. Be between the age of 10-15 years of age.

2. Complete a Hunters Safety Course prior to the hunt.

​3. Have a parent or legal guardian signature.

4. Be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

​Each Kid chosen will be provided with:

*A rifle with scope for hunting.

*A gift card for camouflage clothing/boots.

*A bag of accessories.

*Paid hunting licenses and associated fees.

*​Food and lodging (also provided for accompanying members).

Please note that transportation to and from selected hunt site will not be provided.

If you know a kid that would like to participate, please complete and submit the application.

The ​Ultimate Kids Hunt

We are now taking entry forms for the 2019 hunt.


What is The Ultimate Kids Hunt?

"The Ultimate Kids Hunt" is a White-tailed deer hunt held on a annual basis. A minimum of (10) kids will be chosen  from across the US to participate in this extraordinary hunt. There will be (5) girls and (5) boys chosen through a national drawing. To be eligible for the drawing an application for "The Ultimate Kids Hunt" must be filled out and submitted by mail or from this online entry form before August 1st of each year to the National office of Hunters Helping Kids. Click on the link below for a copy of this application or fill out the online entry form to the right and submit online. Chosen participants will be notified by phone before August 31st.